Who is this space for?

Have you even felt the need to search for a topic online, and until you reached the platform where you must type down your question, you were obligated to create an account, add personal information, even discuss irrelevant points to the main topic in query, enough to change your mind about proceeding?

Have you ever needed to take a social worker’s advice, online, about a situation you’re faced with without having to feel awkward about it because of the actual portals you’re using or because of the sensitivity of the matter?

Do you believe, it is possible to find a sole safe space online, where anyone can ask about and discuss anything without having to worry about being judged and ridiculed or without worrying about the lily-white and honest hand requested? Have you ever needed nothing but a shoulder to cry on or to just talk things through with a professional willing to listen and to console you without asking for anythings in return?

If that person is/once was/might one day be you, then you’re in the RIGHT place!

About Elssy

My name is Elssy Karaoghlanian, Lebanese Armenian living in Lebanon. I currently work in an International non-profit organization, that promotes equality between men and women amongst other humanitarian and feminist ideologies.
I am a social worker in principle, with extensive professional training and experience – although currently exploring other areas in the humanitarian field, interacting with people, helping any way possible and being there for my fellow beings is the main reason for my fruitful existence.

I’m passionate in almost everything I do, I support all that advocates for mutual respect, understanding, peace and love. I am very honest, even when it’s for my disadvantage. I fight for what I believe in, even if it hinders me. I have achieved many accomplishments but the number one that’s so close to my heart is my soulmate and partner in life.

I always look for ways to self-develop and flourish; however, advancing on one’s own is like making history’s finest discoveries without having anyone to share the journey with. In order to share this unique adventure with you all, is an awarding calling for me, for I never expected to be in this position many years back.

The reason why I decided to create a support website, is because not so long ago, I desperately needed a similar page, where I could communicate with someone specialized, without having to worry about payments, privacy, looking like an idiot, having to create a mandatory account/profile only to be asking a simple question by which I was already feeling very intimidated.

I needed to hear from a real person whose been through real life crisis, that some things will and somethings won’t work out at the end, and not just hear an automated message from a psychologist stating that everything will be alright, while believing that she wouldn’t be sitting and listening if I weren’t paying her a fortune.

My Role/Your Role

My responsibilities towards you are simple and transparent:

Your queries and requests will be kept confidential, unless desired to share publicly.

I promise to:

Honor our confidentiality agreement.

– Be genuine and comforting;

– Be as original as possible;

– Provide valid and accurate information when requested;

Be there, when needed;

– Be honest;

Refer you to a necessary party, if needed.

Your responsibilities are in essence towards yourself, which redirects towards me eventually, and that is:

– To be honest as best as you can;

– To discard yourself from any anxiousness about talking freely;

– To always remember that I am a real person whose only purpose is to provide you with the support needed and at the same time reference a more specific support space, should it be necessary.

Why a “Friendly Advice”?

The purpose of the creation of the “Friendly advice” website and its support service is to provide emotional support and encouragement to help people reach their potential and maximize their strengths.

Some of the objectives and goals I intend to achieve though this portal, are:

– Help individuals discuss and resolve their problems;

– Perform research to find resources that will harmonize their lives and make it easier;

– Refer them to the appropriate specialist, should there be the need.

The focus of this portal is empowerment, self-advocacy and self-management.


If you ever need a hand, someone to talk to, or you simply have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Elssy Karaoghlanian


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